Scientific Program

Sunday 12/01Monday 12/02Tuesday 12/03Wednesday 12/04Thursday 12/05Friday 12/06Saturday 12/07
Session: CMQC
Chair: Lefebvre
Session: CMQC
Chair: Moiseyev
Session: CMQC
Chair: Nakai
Session: CMQC
Chair: Piecuch
Session: MSDS
Chair: Wilson
Session: CM
Chair: Quack
09:00 Schatz09:00 Macken09:00 Gross09:00 Nakai09:00 Frenking09:00 Broer
09:30 Savin09:30 Maruani09:30 Kaplan09:30 Hsu09:30 Quack09:30 Hongo
10:00 Reys10:00 Chu10:00 Ludeña10:00 Harris10:00 Piecuch10:00 Capaz
10:30 Coffee10:30 Coffee10:30 Coffee10:30 Coffee10:30 Coffee10:30 Kuleff
Session: RCCR
Chair: Vasyutinskii
Session: SIC
Chair: Cederbaum
Session: CM
Chair: Glushkov
Session: MSF
Chair: Gross
Session: CM
Chair: Tadjer
11:00 - Closing Ceremony
11:00 Varandas11:00 Dupuis11:00 Illas11:00 Glushkov11:00 Vela
11:30 Ventura11:30 Marquardt11:30 Bichoutskaia11:30 Moiseyev11:30 Sanz11:45 Lunch
12:00 Loboda12:00 W Rocha12:00 Gadre12:00 Vasyutinskii12:00 Rivelino
13:30 Registration Opens12:30 Lunch12:30 Lunch12:30 Excursion12:30 Lunch12:30 Lunch13:00 Departures
Session: CM
Chair: Canuto
Session: CB
Chair: Maruani
Session: RCCR
Chair: Broer
Session: CM
Chair: Ludeña
See you next year...
(will be announced
14:30 Tadjer14:30 RamosBoat Cruise in the14:30 Dubois14:30 Peraltaat the Banquet)
15:00 Calaminici15:00 BorinParaty Bay15:00 Wilson15:00 Jenkins
15:30 Pastore15:30 KuoLunch served on board15:30 Nagaoka15:30 Allen
16:00 Coffee16:00 Coffee16:00 Coffee16:00 Coffee
Session: MSDS
Chair: Hsu
Poster Session:
Chair: Dubois
Poster Session:
Chair: Kaplan
Session: MSDS
Chair: Harris
16:30 Malta16:30 - 18:3016:30 - 18:3016:30 Lefebvre
17:00 YanezPosters 1 to 18Posters 19 to 4017:00 Barbosa
17:30 Lefebvre-Brion17:30 A. Rocha
18:00 Opening Ceremony18:00 Cheng18:00 Rizzo
Conference Lecture
19:00 Welcome Party19:00 QSCP Meeting20:00 Banquet

Social Program

The social program is included in the conference fee. However, we need to know how many will attend the various events. Therefore we ask for this information in the registration form.