Paraty is located on the south coast of Brazil, 250 km from the city of Rio de Janeiro, the state capital. This historic town, nestled on the Costa Verde (green coast), is a living memory of the Gold Cycle. Gold extracted from the mines of the state of Minas Gerais was transported by mule along the Estrada Real to Paraty and from there shipped to Rio de Janeiro. The municipality of Paraty is probably the only place on the planet which brings together a native forest nearly 80% preserved, a bay protected from the open sea with over a hundred islands and a seventeenth century town that is regarded by UNESCO as the most harmonious baroque location in the world. From this past date the relics and traditions that so enchant its visitors. Paraty has a wonderful wealth of cultural and ecological attractions, as well as a tourist infrastructure consisting of cosy inns and restaurants. Participants will find excellent places to enjoy their dinners while lunches will be served at preselected restaurants close to Casa da Cultura.

Paraty may be reached by car, bus, helicopter or boat. Transportation will be provided by the QSCP Organization directly from and to the Rio de Janeiro international airport. The buses will depart from the airport to Paraty on Sunday, the 1st of December, and will return to the Rio airport on Saturday, the 7th of December, after lunch. The schedule of departure from Rio will be announced once we receive all the information about the arriving flights. IF YOU PLAN TO USE THE CONGRESS BUSES, PLEASE FILL THIS FORM at your earliest convenience.

For those who plan to arrive earlier to Rio, transportation may be provided from your hotel to the airport meeting point as long as the hotel is not too far away from the airport.

Alternatively, you may use regular buses from Costa Verde.

Paraty map

photo: Fernando Piancastelli